Heal Your Body, Balance Your Soul

Self Study Course To Help You Live Your Best Life Ever
Course Overview

Heal Your Body, Balance Your Soul is a self-paced study program designed to meet you right where you are on your own healing journey. 

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This self-paced study program contains 6 modules and offers you many self-discovery tips to improve every aspect of your life.

Whether you’re having health or relationship issues,  on the brink of a career change, or struggling financially, this course will help you slow down and manage the here and now in a more relaxed and insightful manner. 

Tucked inside this curriculum are methods to get you off high center, living free from the bondage of past traumas and moving forward in life. You will recognize that you CAN have and deserve to have a happy, meaningful, fulfilled and balanced life. This is the course for YOU!

  • Tools to Manage Stress

  • Build the Life You are Meant to Have

  • Live Your Life Without Pain

What You'll Get

Module 1: Mindfulness & Gratefulness

This module will help you understand the need to take time to reflect, focus on the thoughts that come through your mind and be fully present with your feelings and emotions.   You will learn to slow down enough to move into a state of pure appreciation, a state of thankfulness for a thing, a person or a situation in your life.


Module 2: Energy & Frequency

This module will help you understand that energy is everywhere.  You and I are made of pure energy and everything around us is pure energy such as plants, foods, furniture, thoughts, beliefs, pathogens and diseases.  Energy healing addresses the need to maintain proper energy flow throughout the body.

Emotion 1

Module 3: The Emotion Code &
The Body Code

This module explains how trapped energy from negative emotions or various imbalances can lead to pain, discomfort, illness and/or dis-ease.  Imbalances may be due to toxins, pathogens, misalignments in the spine or an organ, or the need for proper nutrition.

Module 4: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

This module will enlighten you on the benefits and the power of natural healing.  The oils are the very essence of the plant from which it was derived, the liquid from within or the lifeblood of the plant.  Essential oils can help bring your body back to homeostasis, or a balanced state.  When we provide the body with what it needs, it will begin to heal from the inside out. 


Module 5: Clean Living Water

This module will enhance your knowledge of how important water really is.  Pure, clean, micro-clustered water does more than just quench your thirst.  It absorbs into cells easier and keeps the body in proper working condition.  This is vital for overall health and wellness.  Some benefits range from managing weight to better heart health and from detoxification to proper blood and energy flow.


Module 6: Vibrational Sound Therapy

This module will give you a better understanding of the centuries old tradition of using Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs and Tingsha cymbals for healing many emotional and physical illnesses.  We will look at how modern medicine is now using sound therapy to combat the symptoms of many illnesses and diseases.